Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Title

Today is January 3, 2010. I leave Texas on January 22, and I leave the United States on January 23. I have  about three weeks.

I was going to start this blog several weeks ago, but I delayed because I couldn't come up with a title. I asked my lovely roommate Jess to help me, but she couldn't think of anything. The last time I asked her, she replied "I don't know!", and I almost named it that, but I decided it wasn't quite descriptive enough.

The title is best explained if I say a little bit about why I chose Athens in the first place. I'm a pre-med philosophy major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I really want to study abroad, because it seems like one of those opportunities that I just shouldn't pass up. Being pre-med and a philosophy (and possibly also biology) major is kind of an odd combination, and it's kind of tough to get all the requirements for both of them done. In order to study abroad and finish my pre-med pre-requisites on time, I need to take at least one philosophy class while I'm abroad. It has to be in english, because I'm not fluent in anything else. I wanted to be in Europe because traveling around Europe is pretty easy, and I want to travel as much as possible. The Arcadia University's Center for Hellenistic studies turned out to be the best place for me to take philosophy classes in english in Europe. That's how I chose Greece.

They speak Greek in Greece, and I don't know any, so once I decided to go there I frantically searched for a free place to learn greek online. I didn't even know the alphabet. The first helpful site ( assured me that when people find out I'm going to Greece, or that I'm learning Greek, they will exclaim "It's all Greek to me!".

I didn't believe them. I had never heard this expression before, and figured it was outdated. I was very, very wrong. Nearly everyone over the age of 25 has said this to me once they found out I'm going to Greece. Apparently it's a line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. I chose this as the title of my blog in hopes that people will see it and no longer feel the need to make the joke. I don't think it will actually work, but maybe they'll read this and then at least feel silly about it.

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